Pope Air Force Base Address
Pope AFB NC, 28308

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Pope AFB
North Carolina


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Pope Air Force Base

Pope Air Force Base is located in Cumberland County, North Carolina, a most picturesque region offering a lot of local attractions. Pope is an Air Force Base home to two important USAF divisions: 43rd Airlift Wing and 23rd Fighter Group of Air Combat Command. The base is located 13 miles northwest of Fayetteville. Another near-by city is Fort Bragg. The base’s primary mission is to always be ready for rapid deploy and to have highly trained air combat troopers. Present-day Commander is Colonel Timothy Zadalis. The base’s logo is abstract, but their motto explains it all: "Willing. Able. Ready."

Pope AFB is named after First Lieutenant Harvey Halbert Pope, who tragically died in 1919 in an air crash. The most recent missions at Pope AFB include providing close air support to all American Air Forces. This is mainly done in training sessions, but there are real missions also. The base has been of importance lately, but only in a theoretical manner.

Pope Air Force Base has some very state-of-the-art aircraft, including a couple of C-130 Hercules, A-10A Thunderbolt II and many other. Historically speaking the base has played a very important role during World War II. The housing at the base is, however, difficult. There are waiting lists for housing, so there are no possibilities of applying to this base for the time being.

The base is not very welcoming to the press, as the last time it has received press was in September 2007, on the occasion of paying tribute to military veterans. The articles were all favorable. Pope AFB has big prospects of development for the future, but for now, it remains a small base.